Attempting to get first Credit Card

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Attempting to get first Credit Card

Postby itsarianna » Fri May 09, 2014 5:13 pm

I am 22 y/o and I have no credit what so ever. I usually pay everything upfront with my debit card or cash. I am studying abroad this fall and want a credit card to have just incase for emergencies also to pay for big purchases (flight tickets, laptop etc.) I was interested in the Chase Sapphire Preferred but was wondering If i will be able to obtain this with no credit? I have a Chase bank account since high school. I have over 25k saved on my savings account.

If i am not able to meet the standards for Chase Sapphire Preferred, what will be the best option for me with no credit on a good credit card with low APR and decent rewards?

Thanks ! :oooo

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