19 Year old university student -- Do I have a chance at Chase Freedom & Amex BCE?

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19 Year old university student -- Do I have a chance at Chase Freedom & Amex BCE?

Postby CastroDisastro » Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:19 pm

Hello. I have been on the MyFico forum, and came on here seeing how many of you have clashing opinions with those on there. Was just wondering what you thought. I posted this over on MyFico, and although I got answers from over there, was wondering what you all were thinking.

Hello all, I am a 19 year old university student. I've been on this site a lot, just reading, and I decided to make an account here for some advice.

I currently only have one credit card, a Discover IT card with a $650 limit, with a 713 credit score from Discover's provided score tracker (so it's a TU fico score). I applied for and received this card last year in August, with my first statement covering September to October. I have 7 statements from Discover reported to all three credit bureuas, each with utilization ranging from 4%-9%. I always pay on time, in full, as well. I haven't looked up my score with annualcreditreport.com yet, as my credit is too new (less than a year old). I've heard that around the 6th month of opening your first credit card, it's a good idea to apply to more.

So along with my Discover IT, I've been wanting to apply additionally for Chase Freedom as well as Amex Blue Cash Everyday. My yearly income is $13.5k (which comes from subsidized student loans, grants & my yearly scholarships)

P.S. I have student loans being used since I am attending a university. Right now, they amount to around $4000. The only inquiries on my account are for Discover IT from last year. If student loans count as inquiries, then that'll be on there too, but nothing else. No mortgages, car loans, etc.

So, with my TU score at 713, yearly income at $13.5k, and my age of accounts (I plan to apply next month, in May, after my statement date goes through, so I'll have 8 statements in total), do you think I have a chance with getting Chase Freedom & Amex BCE?

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