Getting approved for Chase Ink Bold

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Getting approved for Chase Ink Bold

Postby UnitedFTW » Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:11 pm

Hello everyone! I'm new here.

So here's my store...

Two days ago, I applied for the Chase Ink Bold since I will be traveling next month and want to take advantage of the 1:1 points transfer to United Airlines, and also the free lounge passes :)

But unfortunately when I applied online, I received the "pending/review" message. I contacted Chase's Personal reconsideration line and after a series of questions, I was... Declined! :(

Last month, I was approved for the Chase Ink Cash for 10k CL. I think that could be the problem but am not sure.

Should I contact the Business Reconsideration Line regarding this app again? Is there a chance I could be approved? Also, what are some tips to be successful with getting approved?

BTW what is the Business Reconsideration Line for Chase and are they open on Sunday's? I want to get everything done today!


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