Barclays CL Transfer

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Barclays CL Transfer

Postby djrez4 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:19 pm

I closed out one of my two US Air WMCs earlier this month, after the annual 10,000 mile bonus posted to my US Air account. Not wanting to lose the $5,000 in credit limit, I called the Barclays credit analyst phone number (866-408-4064) and asked if they could transfer the limit to my Arrival. They moved the entire thing without hesitation and closed the card for me. Easy peasy.

When it comes time to close the other US Air WMC, I hope they will be as accommodating. It'll be nice to end up with a $20.5k limit on the Arrival without even asking for a CLI or taking a pull.

(Looking at my online account this afternoon, I discovered that there is still a nominal $500 limit on the closed card.)
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