Paypower Visa...Can not access my own money

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Paypower Visa...Can not access my own money

Postby Napoleonh » Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:50 am

I bought a Paypower card at Safeway in Antioch,California. My sole reason purchasing this.card was to get my taxes direct deposited. I loaded $20 onto my card. My tax return of $5566 is being deposited in 2 days. I went to the gas station to use the $20 on my card.and it was declined. I called the number and they said there has been a hold placed on my card??? I am unable to use the money I put on the card?? This makes no sense. I said I am expecting my tax return in 2 days? I was told I have to wait until the hold is lifted. They.refused to tell me why there is a hold or how long it would take. ridiculous. I am suppose to move into my new house with this money. Why am I not.allowed access to my own money?

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