Got my CSP for our vacation

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Got my CSP for our vacation

Postby Callmedory » Fri Jan 03, 2014 3:37 pm

Or, at least, I went to my local Chase and applied--approved immediately. CL of $25k. However, they couldn't give me my FICO. And we've taken a hit, but that's likely temporary and our available credit is definitely much higher now, so that's not really anything to worry about. They're rushing the cards to us, so we'll get them by mid next week.

At the bank, the promotion is, as I've read online, different from the online promotion: get 40,000 rewards after spending $2000 in first three months; authorized users need only make a purchase, no minimum amount. The plane tickets alone should take care of the minimum.

We pay off each month, so the interest rate is kinda irrelevant.

We're planning on London and Paris this spring. This gives us three cards to take: a 0% FTF, chip-and-sig card for primary use; a USAA 1% FTF, true chip-and-pin card for backup; and we'll be getting a USAA 1% FTF, no/reimbursed ATM fee ATM card.

I think we're set. Better yet, I was able to explain to my husband why we need three different cards. And the bank rep confirmed to him that I had been doing a lot of research. So thanks for the help I've gotten here!

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Postby djrez4 » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:49 pm

That's a good combination. Enjoy the continent. Be sure to tell Chase and USAA that you're travelling.
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