Hawaiian Airlines Cards back soon

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Hawaiian Airlines Cards back soon

Postby jlam572 » Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:47 pm

Some of us know that the Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian Airlines credit cards have been MIA for a few months now (I believe they stopped offering the card back in july). The BOH Hawaiian airlines business MC is available on the Hawaiian airlines site as of yesterday. I received a FB message from BOH letting me know that the personal card will be available very soon...like within the next few weeks. The initial offer should be similar to the older offer (30k miles after 1k of purchases within first few months).

Bank of America was offering a Hawaiian airlines card for mainland clients, but have also withdrawn their card. Not sure when the mainland card will be available again, however rumors will be that it is through Barclays instead of BOA.

The old BOH and BOA cards could be stacked for a massive 60-70k in miles in the first 2 months, then cancelled shortly after that. Annual fees should be similar to the old cards (50-70 dollar range)

This is info from flyertalk as well as direct from BOH.
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