I'm wondering if this is a joke

Discuss the Visa & MasterCard payment networks as well as cards that operate through them.
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Postby MemberSince99 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:39 am

It is possible that Chase would not want more exposure to me. I asked for a CLI on the CSP in late October, and took two hard pulls, and was flat out denied, and denied on recon. I've put good money through that card every single month and PIF and have credit like that across the board, but they cited my past delinquency with them when denying. They said I could ask again in the future, but I bit my tongue to keep from saying why would I take two more hard pulls just to be denied. Forget it. I'm sorry when I burn a hard pull or two, I want a chance of success. I realize nothing is guaranteed but I'm not just going to completely waste them.

So, I had thought of that, but if they denied me a CLI on CSP even on recon, I'm just not thinking they would turn around and offer me that credit on another card. I mean maybe but it really doesn't make sense if you think about what's going on.

I'd rather give banks I have no prior history with or good history with a chance to meet my needs and earn my business. I do fully, completely understand how Chase feels, and if I were them I would not even have given me a card. Having said that, from my point, I can't see why I should pursue those I've burned when instead I can actually build something with organizations where the slate is positive or clean.

So very good point it just isn't likely to be true for me.

I'm hoping that is how things will go with Citi. I'm fine with 6300 as a limit. If in a year or so they could bump it up a bit after some history with me, that's great. It sounds like they are good about CLIs and I would like first hand experience with them.

Have you wondered how they come up with those oddball limit amounts? There must be some formula, otherwise humans would just pick a round number like 5k or 7.5k or something.

CC Deville
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Postby CC Deville » Wed Dec 25, 2013 5:47 pm

I hear you. I didn't realize you had a past history with Chase. I'll be honest, I am not a huge fan of Chase...like, I don't hate them but I am not going to cream my shorts over them like everybody else does on these boards either. They are very inflexible and would rather you apply for a new card to get better terms than lower the APR on one you've had for 12 years....I used to be very impressed with them when they were really Chase Manhattan...but since they merged with Bank One in 2004 all of the Chase cards are managed by what was First USA hiding under the Chase name. I hated First USA.....

Citibank is pretty good with the CLI's. Actually better than pretty good. I would guess that you will get some auto CLI's (at least one) from them during the first year but after that requesting one online is cake. It is best to request them in smaller amounts and they are almost always a soft pull (unless you get greedy and ask for $5K right away).

I have NO idea where they get their credit limits from! That started about 6 or 7 years ago. It does not seem to make sense. My other Citibank is at $14,300 and the other is at $11,100. It's almost like "keep the $300 and $100 and just give me an even amount...."

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Postby Ikarus » Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:06 am

CC Deville wrote:I love my PO Box. I wish I had a lower number box (mine is 6 digits because there are several post offices in Phoenix) but other than that, love it.
PO Boxes are great for frequent movers or privacy seekers. Important mail never comes to my physical address, including credit cards.

I went with the Dividend because I was denied Barclay's Arrival. I wanted a travel card with an EMV chip and Dividend fit the bill. It has travel benes that the forward doesn't have, such as Lost Luggage Coverage and Trip Cancellation / Trip Interruption Coverage. Plus it has Price Rewind, like AMEX. I also dig the temp passwords for online use. I also knew they'd give me a quick 4K for credit line, like my Forward, so that's a quick 8K with one bank. Got $100 back after spending $500, too. Win-win. :) Of course, the Forward is good for covering your cell phone if you pay your phone bill with it.

Overall, Citi is great. I wish they had a longer intro 0% APR. I bought a laptop I bought. I wound up doing a balance transfer to AMEX, which has a long 0% intro period and long 0% balance transfer period.

Discussing banks, I think Discover and AMEX have the best customer service, hands down. Cap One seems to have lost the plot when it comes to customer satisfaction and retention, though the Quicksilver seems like a step in the right direction. Chase and Barclays come across as a touch elitist and want you to impress them to join: why should we let you in? The Freedom card is great if you use the categories. Otherwise, it's just a simple 1% card, as I'm finding out. I think, overall, I'm becoming disenchanted with 5% rotating quarter cards. Only US Bank + has things set the right way.

Like MemberSince99, I've poured thousands of dollars through Chase with no real benefit, other than the $100 signup bonus. My CL hasn't budged, though I've shown I can pay off $800/month without blinking and on time. I call for a CL and am told it will simply be a hard pull. No auto CLI's until a review, whenever that will be. Chase is nice to have in the portfolio of cards, but I think I'll sock it and go with Discover which has quick cashback and a higher CL. And getting free monthly FICO scores on their statements is just ace.

As for AMEX, I rather like My Rewards. It's great to choose a specific reward at a specific retailer. For example, Chase has 5% at Amazon this quarter. AMEX has a spend $75 deal and get $25 back. With Chase you must spend $500 for the same cashback. AMEX smashes Chase in one fell swoop with one reward.

I will ask for CLIs for my current cards, go after a no annual free Quicksilver upgrade from Cap One and apply for the Duck Card in Jan.

Oh, and Merry Christmas! :)
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