Feeling the love from Chase

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Feeling the love from Chase

Postby MB131174 » Thu Sep 12, 2013 10:28 am

Really loving Chase these days. Just yesterday I added the Freedom card (instant approval) to my Chase collection. I didn't need more credit, but figured I'd add the 5x category card to my mix. Now I have the Chase Ink (NSP + 2K revolving), SP (10.5K), Hyatt (5.4K) and now the Freedom (3K). I use my UR points for Hyatt, and the ability to merge all my points to the CSP card and transfer to Hyatt Passport is great. The bonus categories in the Ink, CSP and now Freedom will really help my points grow. The Hyatt card is kind of a sock drawer card because I earn better points on the other cards, but get the free night yearly with it, so I feel it's worth it to keep it.
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Postby Calipso » Thu Sep 12, 2013 6:31 pm

I had 7 Chase at one time.

Freedom, CSP, Slate, Amazon, Marriott, AirTran and Southwest.

Chase is good about giving chances to those with clean credit. Too bad the promo bonuses are usually ONCE per particular card.
My Limits:
NFCU NavCheck: $15,000/NFCU Platinum: $11,500/NFCU nRewards: $8,000
Chase Freedom: $6,500/Chase Slate: $6,000/CSP: $5,000/Marriott Rewards Primier: $5,000/United MileagePlus Explorer: $5,000/Southwest Primier: $3,000
Citi Hilton HHonors: $9,700/Citi Simplicity: $8,200/Citi Forward: $5,500
AMEX Blue Cash Everyday: $8,000/SPG AMEX: $5,000/AMEX Everyday: $5,000/AMEX Delta Skymiles Platinum: $3,400
Discover IT: $7,700
Barclay's NFL Extra Points (Carolina Panthers): $5,000
DCU Platinum: $3,000
RTN FCU CC: $2,000
CCCU Platinum Rewards Visa: $2,000

Current total limit: $129,500

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Postby jpritche » Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:35 am

Just got approved for a Chase Freedom today with a starting CL of $3,500. My only other card is a Discover Student IT Card at $2,000. Only credit history is from the Discover starting December 2012. I also have a $26,000 truck loan that started last month. It blew my mind to be honest.

Loving them so far.

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