Combining Chase cards? Or getting a second Freedom?

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Combining Chase cards? Or getting a second Freedom?

Postby nimhnimh » Wed Jul 10, 2013 7:48 pm

I'm currently 26 years old, just finished grad school, and I'll be starting my first real job in late-September (went straight from undergrad to grad school).

I got my first credit card when I was 21-- it was a Chase Student Mastercard with a $300 limit. I rarely charge anything to that card other than Netflix every month. Last year I applied for a Chase Slate card and I got approved for it with a $1600 limit.

Now that I've graduated from school, Chase automatically changed that Chase Student Mastercard to a Chase Freedom card. It seems pointless to me to have two credit cards (Slate with $1600 limit, and Freedom(formerly Student card) with $300) limit. Is there any way to ask Chase to combine these cards into one credit card? A Chase Freedom card with a $1900 limit seems simpler, especially since Freedom has much better perks than Slate. My only concern is that I've had the Student (now Freedom) card for 5 years and it's my oldest line of credit so I wouldn't want to cut that line and mess up my credit score. Would that even occur?

Any advice on this or combining cards would be great. Thanks so much!

Also: Let's say I'm unable to combine the cards. Since I already have a Freedom Card (with a $300) limit, would it be possible for Chase to change my Slate card ($1600 limit) to a Freedom card? I'd then have two Freedom cards. I'm guessing that since I already have a Freedom card it shouldn't be an issue to get another one?

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