Young Adults/Students and the Chase Sapphire Preferred

Discuss the Visa & MasterCard payment networks as well as cards that operate through them.
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Postby WS6R6 » Thu Oct 10, 2013 2:25 pm

Age: 22
AAoA: 1.7 years
Income: 25k
Approved for CSP this past summer.

I will graduate college in May and will have a good job then, but for now working part time I can't be upset with the cards I've gained.

My age of accounts help is only from a student loan 4 years ago. I got my first cc a little over a year ago.
Travel 3x, Groceries + Gas 2x: [color=Orange"]AmEx PRG[/color] (Closed)
Restaurants + Travel 2x: [color=navy"]Chase Sapphire Preferred[/color]
Groceries 3%, Gas + Department Stores 2%: [color=blue"]AmEx BCE[/color]
Dining + Entertainment 2x: [color=navy"]Citi Thank You Preferred[/color]
Hotels 5x: [color=Black"]Chase Marriott Rewards Premier[/color]
Rotating 5%: [color=darkorange"]Discover It[/color], [color=blue"]Chase Freedom[/color]
Restaurants 5x: [color=lime"]Citi Forward[/color]
Gas 5%: [color=gray"]PenFed Platinum Rewards[/color]
Future: [color=red"]US Bank Cash +[/color]

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Postby zrander » Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:49 pm

734 cc 6000 income own my own, way more including my 529b plan. and My father will let me put some of his income, i am applying in june my discover will be 6 mnths old what are my chances.

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Postby HookEmHorns » Tue Feb 24, 2015 8:37 pm

Crazy how this thread is still going!

Update: I now have a CSP, almost 2 years later.
AMEX PRG~1/14--backdated to 2012
AMEX BCE~6/13--backdated to 2012
Chase Freedom~5/13
Discover IT ~12/12


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Postby tvirk888 » Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:59 pm

tvirk888 wrote:What are my chances of being approved:

1 credit card since I was 19 - Wells Fargo Platinum $4700 limit. ATM it is at 17% utilization.
1 car loan with Chase since November.
6 inquires on my credit.
Income: About $50-70K a year, depending on the year :)

CK says I can get approved for it, and as well as the Discover IT card.

I am going to wait till November/December time since thats when the inquires won't count.

So what are my chances? Only two cards I really want are the CSP and Amex Gold.

I got approved for this card, took a year from when I asked. :)
Amex BCE - $20K (11/2014)
Amex Everyday - $20K (04/2015)
Amex Business Gold - NPSL (09/2013)
Bank Of America Cash Rewards - $5K (11/2014)
Chase Freedom - $11,700 (10/2013)
Chase Sapphire Preferred - $18K (11/2014)
Citi Thank You Preferred - $10K (11/2014)
U.S. Bank Cash+ - $5K (03/2015)
Wells Fargo Platinum Rewards - $4700 (05/2009)

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