Well lookie here, a CSP app in the mail...

Discuss the Visa & MasterCard payment networks as well as cards that operate through them.
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Postby pewpew » Thu May 16, 2013 11:28 pm

Sevenfeet wrote:From what I've seen, the ability to transfer URs to other partners is available for the business cards too?

yes. Chase's business cards have the ability to move points to frequent guest and flyer programs at a 1:1 ratio just like the CSP does.

Sevenfeet wrote:But I'd rather not have that kind if money on an interest bearing card for a significant length of time...and I don't know when my wife's new venture will be cash positive.

if you don't have the funds to pay off high interest CC cards immediately, i would advise taking out a small business bank loan instead. loans of 100k or less currently carry an APR of 7% to 8%. My dad used his home equity to finance his business when he started. it was only 5% APR at the time. so that may be an option for you. paying 15%+ interest is just... silly.

the money you will save paying 5% APR vs 15% APR will outweigh any rewards that any credit card will ever give you.
Junk I use:
AmEx Platinum for Mercedes Benz from, 75k spending ability
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Chase Ink Bold, 35k
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Junk I don't use
BoA Susan G. Komen Cash Rewards (converted from World Points MC) from '07, 7.9% Fixed APR, 30k CL
Discover IT (Converted from Discover More) from '08, 5.74% + Prime, 20k CL
AmEx Clear from '07, 4.99% + Prime, 10k CL
All 3 credit scores are over 800.

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Postby sfonyc » Mon May 20, 2013 8:42 am

Why not get the CSP for the bonus. Then downgrade it to a no fee Sapphire. You can transfer the points to your wife's Ultimate Rewards account so they can be transferred out to the other programs when needed.

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