I have 695 credit score (Equifax) and want a new credit card

Discuss the Visa & MasterCard payment networks as well as cards that operate through them.
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Postby MemberSince99 » Mon Apr 01, 2013 7:30 pm

Losangeles wrote:I would definitely call the Chase Recon number. I mean depending on your income and such, I think you have a decent chance of being approved for the Chase Freedom.

I think Citi will be denied... The Citi Forward card was my first CC, but at the time I worked for Citibank and basically made my manager kinda force it through. They like me now, because I have good history with them, but when I worked there I saw a lot of people get denied. I feel like they have their own system of approval, but idk for sure (Citibank and Citicards are seprate subsidiaries of Citigroup).

I hear that Discover is easy to get approved for as well. You may try applying for a few in the same 24-48 hour period, before the inquires hit your report.

Good luck!

Citi hates my guts they sure do have a quirky approval system, or would that be more like disapproval system. And recons, good luck with that if you don't work there.

I gave up on them. How many inquiries can you burn on them?

Discover may approve but is known for giving LOW limits and being very Scrooge like about them if they don't just love you. And me they don't just love. Oh well. Can't win em all!

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Postby cbkhor » Tue Apr 02, 2013 8:19 pm

Had to call 3 times to chase but they finally approved my Chase Freedom Visa. Thanks to all for info provided. Now will be waiting for their welcome pack.

I also notice that doing multiple application within same days does somehow impact your credit score. I checked my credit score prior to application for Chase and Discover. Discover stated that the credit score used for consideration is lower than the score prior application. But I checked back the score after a couple of days, and it magically comes back to the same score prior application.

So I guess it would be beneficial to do a multiple application same day. Any comments?
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