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Postby ivotedale » Tue Mar 12, 2013 7:46 pm

lexrj wrote:Are you doing soft pulls 3x CLIs on your Blue Sky every 6 months? I'm pretty sure once you have a higher CL it will be easier to raise your Chase CL. I wouldn't try any more hard pulls with chase unless you get a higher CL or Income.
I have less then 2yrs of AAoA and I just got a CSP with 12K but my BCP was already at 6K when I applied. My BCP started at 1K and went to 6K in less then 1yr with only soft pulls.

Interesting- thanks for the tip. To be fair I've only had the Blue Sky for less than the 61 days, so that inquiry/new credit line there could be a factor. I primarily want the CS for the 2x food pts, as that's my biggest expense among other things.

I do plan to CLI it though come the 61 day mark. I've called the automated line twice already in the last couple days, but still mentions my app is in review. Decline perhaps? Should I recon?
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Postby hematino » Wed Mar 13, 2013 7:41 pm

My Freedom has been stuck at 2k limit since I first got it in June of '11, originally as a Slate. I'm hot and cold with usage depending on the quarterly categories-- dining and gasoline tend to get the most spend. Have never gotten an increase of any kind on this card or my Sapphire Preferred MC which is almost at the one year mark. The one time I called Chase to try to increase the limit on my Freedom card, I asked for my limit to be 5000 hoping they would at least counter offer me something. They pulled EX and TU and wouldn't budge. I'm not going to try to increase any Chase cards on my own, it isn't worth a potential two hard pulls. A lot of talk on various boards says that the best way to get good lines of credit with Chase is to open more cards, then after a year or so to reallocate the limits to your old cards while closing the newer ones in turn. Once I lose some of these inquiries that's what I'd like to attempt.
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Postby jdauria » Thu Apr 18, 2013 10:18 am

Chase Freedom just increased my limit, and I had no idea. Only been about 4-5 months, but I guess after good usage and always paying it off in time, they decided to increase my limit. My credit union did the same, but took about a year.
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