Orchard Bank Credit Card Application - Here's The Secret!

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Orchard Bank Credit Card Application - Here's The Secret!

Postby CreditCardGuru » Thu Apr 14, 2011 10:00 am

You may not know it, but an Orchard Bank Credit Card application could be the secret to turning your life around if you are struggling to rebuild your credit. Orchard Bank is a subsidiary of one of the most respected banks in the world.

[size=100]2012 Update: Orchard Bank has merged into Capital One. To find out more about their current cards go here. The Orchard Bank card (discussed below) is no longer available due to the merger.

Orchard Bank Credit Card Application Process

Here are some details about the application process:

To begin with, they offer a total of 5 cards; 4 secured and 1 secured. Each is designed for a specific range of credit scores. Depending on your history, you will be pre-qualified for any of these cards. If, by chance, your credit history turns out to be better than you thought, you are likely to get qualified for the unsecured card, with more benefits and lower costs.

No matter how bad your credit history may be, you have a good chance of qualifying for at least one of the Orchard Bank cards, assuming you are a legal U.S. resident and 18+ years of age. Even if you have a recent bankruptcy, you still might qualify for one of their secured cards.

Advantages of using Orchard Bank
There are many sub-prime credit cards on the industry. However, most charge exorbitant annual fees, application processing fees and a sky high APR. You will be hard pressed to find another sub-prime card issuer with rates and fees as low as Orchard Bank. Not only are their cards easy to get, but they are also relatively affordable compared to many others on the market.

Since they are a reputable bank, they can go a long way in repairing your credit history, assuming you pay your bills on time and manage your account responsibly. They report accounts to all three major credit bureaus, making them an ideal choice for rebuilding credit.

Other benefits include zero liability for unauthorized purchases. Some accounts also offer emergency card replacement and emergency cash replacement.

The Verdict

If you have bad credit, you should definitely consider trying out the Orchard Bank credit card application process to see which ones you may pre-qualify for. For a sub-prime card, this is a great card. And I'm not just saying that because I advertise it (and yes, I do proudly advertise it). Rather, go read reviews for yourself to see what I'm talking about.
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