Chase pre approval letters in the mail, are they a sure thing?

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Chase pre approval letters in the mail, are they a sure thing?

Postby Husker » Thu Jan 17, 2013 11:26 pm

So I've been getting quite a few Chase offers in the mail lately. I already have one card with them (Amtrak Guest Rewards Master Card), no late payments, a high usage rate, and a 19 month record of making high payments in order to carry a small balance.

First things first: is Chase just sending out a ton of offers lately (I've had 3 for each card now in the past 3 months), or do they really want my business? In trying to determine my chances of approval and whether it's worth taking a hard hit on my credit scores.

I could use some advice in trying to decipher their language. "You've been pre-selected for this offer!" trumpets one letter (guessing that this means *not* "pre-approved). The other reads "Respond by February 21st, and this offer is yours". I wouldn't mind having either card, but it's not worth the ding on my credit scores if my chances of being approved are anything less than a sure thing.

My second question: could anyone who has experience with either of these cards recommend one over the other? Both have 0% balance transfer offers that would remain interest free until 2014.

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Postby Money card » Sun Jan 20, 2013 1:16 am

there just sending you offers. pre approved doesn't mean that your guaranteed a card if you apply, you may get a card you also could be denied.

for travel the sapphire 2 versions lower level 2 points per dollar spent on dining 1 point everything else no annual fee
higher level card sapphire preferred 2 points per dollar spent on dining and travel 7% back at the end of the year annual fee waved
the first year then a 95.00 annual fee.
chase Freedom best used for shopping 5 % cash back on rotating category's like restaurants, department stores, fashion gas ect but you have to sign up cap I think is 1500.
so if your a non business traveler the Freedom is the better card.
but if you travel for work the sapphire is the better card. you can transfer points to any airline, you probably have to do it on there site .

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