What is the Chase trifecta?

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What is the Chase trifecta?

Postby 432521 » Sat Jul 21, 2012 7:09 pm

Like my title says what is the chase trifecta. Like what do I need to have and what are the benefits of it
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Postby DavidNY » Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:26 pm

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Postby jeffysdad » Sun Jul 22, 2012 7:21 am

If I were to convert my Sapphire to "preferred," I would have the trifecta. I've sort of been doing what's described in the link above already.

I have been using Freedom for purchases under $10 because the bonus points from having Chase checking lift the return on these purchases above 2%. However, for anything above $10 that doesn't fall into a rotating bonus category on Freedom I've been using Fidelity Amex and getting 2%.

Increasingly it seems to me that the Sapphire doesn't have much reward value unless it's "preferred" and unless one is pursuing travel rewards. This doesn't describe me so I really haven't researched Sapphire Preferred.

At the end of this quarter I expect to put Freedom away as I will be getting 5% on restaurants from US Bank Cash+ I also won't be using Freedom for groceries in the future because I now get 6% from Amex BCP since I just upgraded.

So, I guess I'm wondering if I picked the right strategy with Amex BCP, US Bank Cash+, Chase Amazon, Fidelity Amex:

6% on groceries
3% on gas
3% on department stores
5% on restaurants (plus a 25% bonus on reward)
5% on bills (cable, phone, internet, electricity, insurance) (plus a 25% bonus on reward)
2% on drug stores (plus a 25% bonus on reward)
3% on Amazon purchases
2% on everything else

The downside to this is that I will accrue Amex cashback, Fidelity cashback, US Bank cashback, Amazon cashback all separately, so my redemptions won't be as frequent as they were when I was using mainly just Freedom and Fidelity Amex. (I also have to pay Amex $75/year now). I could get a marginal improvement on the "everything else" return by continuing to use Freedom for purchases under $10, but this would create another cashback accrual stream, and even to me that sounds a bit neurotic. Two or three quarters a month Freedom also could lift my gasoline return from 3% to 5%, but I spend less than $50/month on gas usually, so the benefit (about $6/year max) seems hardly worth the trouble.

So I think my less elegant quartet beats the trifecta, but I'm open to suggestions.
American Express: Blue Cash Preferred (groceries, 6%; gas, department store, 3%); Gold Delta SkyMiles (Delta Air Lines, 2 miles/dollar, free checked bag).
US Bank: Cash+ (utilities, phone, internet, restaurant, 5%; drugstores, 2%).
FIA Card Services: Fidelity Amex (everything, 2%); Fidelity Visa (everything, 1.5%).
Chase: Freedom (rotating, 5%); Amazon (Amazon.com, 3%); PriorityClub (IHG hotels, 5 points/dollar); Sapphire (not in use).

*All cards are registered with PriorityClub IDine program for 8 points/dollar at participating restaurants.

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Postby reuben » Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:42 am

jeffysdad, are you opposed to Citibank's Thank You Points? If you're okay with those, you could replace your Chase Amazon with a Citibank Forward and get better rewards on Amazon.com and the same rewards at restaurants thereby freeing up one of your categories for the Cash+... Plus with the Forward you'd also get 5% in Thank You Points on books, movies, music purchases...

As for being neurotic, yes keeping a simplified system is important, but as long as the reward points you earn don't expire I don't see it as a big deal. Just use it for awhile and if it's too much of a hassle paying four credit cards every month, just stop using the one you make the least money on. In your set-up, for my spending habits, that would be the Fidelity AMEX.

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