Documentation for PenFed application approval process?

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Documentation for PenFed application approval process?

Postby reuben » Thu Jul 19, 2012 8:33 pm

I'm thinking I should apply for the PenFed platinum card. One thing that has me a little weirded out is how they ask for a bunch of documentation. Does PenFed report what it finds on these documents to the credit bureaus?

Main reason it's important to me is I'm on disability right now and am making much less than I was 2 years ago. However, I'm working to get off disability and very well could be making next year what I was making a couple of years ago.

Once I start working again, I'm definitely buying a house. Already have the down payment saved. I know a common requirement is "steady income", if they see there was 2 years in there where I was making a lot less, then maybe the bank starts asking a lot more questions...

I realize it's all a what-if, but I'm thinking applying for the PenFed Platinum may very well just not be worth the trouble if it's going to mess my chances up at all for more important stuff down the road even though I really want the card. Especially when I don't even know that I'd get the PenFed Platinum card.

It'd be nice to know whether or not PenFed can or does report stuff like annual income information they gather during the application process to the credit bureaus...

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Postby namvet » Sun Jul 22, 2012 1:00 pm

IME they do not report your income to the credit bureaus. You will have to prove your income to PenFed in order to qualify. The information you provide to them is not shared with others.

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