Rebuilding credit, 650 now, should I get a 2nd card?

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Postby CC Deville » Fri Jul 20, 2012 5:20 pm

Viajeque wrote:Guys,

I pulled out my FICO scores yesterday:

TU: 658
EQ: 623

Should I take a shot for the Freedom? Worst case scenario if rejected I get the Zync? Or just the Zync for now?

My credit use is 50%, I could pay everything off by next month with a bonus I am getting. Should I wait until I pay everything off so my score would be better? How long would it take reflect the low balances on my scores?

Thanks again!

Chase will likely pull Experian. What is your Experian?

I would wait until you pay your balances and make sure that they update on the bureaus before you apply! Amex usually pulls Experian as well. You have a better shot at Zync than with Chase at this point. Even if approved for Chase, I am thinking a limit of $500-$1,000. You might as well wait until you are near the 700s so you can get a decent credit line.

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Postby JayS10 » Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:26 pm

I'm in the same boat as OP. Paid off my one and only Cap One card today, once It reports on my credit I will most likely apply for 1 or 2 More CC's and ditch my Cap One altogether! Still doing my research as to what's best to apply for

Best of luck!

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Postby Pworld10 » Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:34 pm

Might get Zync with the Hard limits. Chase Freedom u have to do reconn for sure and then wait a week or two for review ( i had to do that on chase to get approved with a 650EX and 670EQ, whole process took about a week and a half). AAoA im sure plays a lot into this(mines was 6 years) and util (mines was 29 percent at the time, 0 now. Could not wait)
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