Advice for choosing your first Visa/MasterCard?

Discuss the Visa & MasterCard payment networks as well as cards that operate through them.
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Advice for choosing your first Visa/MasterCard?

Postby dlgoldamex » Sat Jun 30, 2012 9:32 pm

Hey everyone, thanks in advance for your help!

So I'm turning 18 this week, and plan to apply for my first credit card by myself. As my name suggests, I'm a Delta Gold Amex AU with my parents. I am looking for a good credit card to apply for to have during college, but I also want something with a company that I wouldn't mind staying with for a long time.

I feel like I should get a card based on my future wants/possible needs, so I think I should get a card with a company that may have cards I would like to product change to in the future so that I have the best cards possible.

My choices have been basically narrowed down to the Citi Forward for college students, or the Capital One Venture card. I think Citi would probably better suit my needs in the future, so I would tend to go with the Forward card, but the foreign transaction fees are a curve ball.

As most of you probably know, Capital One does not charge foreign transaction fees. I don't travel abroad all that much right now, but I will be spending at least one semester abroad within the next few years. So that makes me want to go with the Venture card, but from what I've heard Capital One kinda sucks. And I want this card to be with a company that I could stay with for years (I want the best AAoA possible).

Any advice you guys could give would be awesome! Sorry if I didn't explain this clearly, I got my wisdom teeth out this week and I'm on some serious painkillers.
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Postby Money card » Sun Jul 01, 2012 3:28 pm

so your 18 and going to college are you going to be working anywhere when you don't have class? are going to an out of town college?
are your parents co signing you for a card?

This is what I think assuming your parents don't co sign and you get a job example wal mart, target , Lord&Taylor, starbucks ect
since your file is empty citibank, chase and capital1 are not for you. since your a student if you had a couple of cards then you could try applying. But you don't. I would suggest pass the student card from American express, your local bank where you will be going to
college is there a M&T bank, key bank what about a First Niagara bank? a lower level bank card , your 18 not 32
I would suggest a low level credit card , not the card that the president of shortline, Ibm, Ruby Tuesdays, Derek Jeter, Patrick Kane
Jonathan Quick or Jeff Carter would have. a card that a student would have that has an empty file.

Gee I would love to have an American airlines American express green corporate card. but do you know what since I'm not an authorizing officer, I work for the county I have a capital1 venture card gold version, Discover More and personal Green American express, I have what is appropriate for me but then again i'm 46 just turned 46 on the 9th of June, i'm not 18.
when I got my first credit card it was back in 1987 or so it was a First Fidelity visa, I tried for the Green card but was turned down. I was about 21 at that time your 18 and you want a Venture card or a Citibank Forward student version, How would you feel if you got turned down but they did a hard pull for both inquiries?

But if your parents do co sign you for either card then you should apply.

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Postby DavidNY » Sun Jul 01, 2012 6:18 pm

Of the two, I'd go for the Venture, though I really don't care for Capital One. Expect a low credit line and poor customer services.

That Citibank card is good for purchases (classifies as bookstore). The "thank you points" can be a hassle to redeem.

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