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black mastercard

Postby KC95 » Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:41 am

now that amex and visa has a black card will there be a black mastercard coming out soon that I should keep my eyelids peeled for? I can't imagine they would NOT come out with one now that all the other creditors have one out on the market.

Does anyone know if there are any plans or things in the works for a black mastercard to be released sometime this year?

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black Mastercard already exists!

Postby Cucumber » Tue Jan 20, 2009 10:57 pm

Already is one.

You can't apply for a black Mastercard directly but it's offered by Advanta and other than the name it's nothing prestigious at all. The credit limits are normal and the credit score you need to get it are average. The benefits aren't any different or better than any other credit card either. They are EXACTLY identical terms and rewards as almost every other Advanta small business credit card they offer. I think the whole invite thing about it is just to create false prestige and they are doing a bad job at it considering it's been around 3 years and offers no benefits over any of their other credit cards other than it being a black card. :rolleyes:

Comparing other black credit cards to the Amex Centurion is like saying a black 92' Honda Civic is the same as an '09 black Rolls Royce because they're both the same color. They can call any card they want black and like Advanta black Mastercard they do for marketing! It's a total joke. I wish they would stop doing that! :beat: There's no reason to apply for a black Mastercard or black Visa unless you are trying to get a worthless piece of plastic to maybe try to impress someone but it offers no benefits other than being a different color. Getting a black card, the real thing- Amex Centurion, requirements are spending hundreds of thousands and paying thousands in annual fees. If you want prestige and features stick with an Amex platinum :D
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Extreme z28
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Postby Extreme z28 » Wed Jan 21, 2009 11:06 am

I personally love my Am Ex Platinum. Their concierge have gotten me into plenty of places (Sports, restaurants, clubs, can't really think of any that they haven't been able to get me into of the top of my head), my wife forgot her contacts at home and we had left on vacation, I called them up and they got replacements for her the next day via Fed Ex at our hotel, Their customer service is outstanding and (even though I've heard of this happening to other people) even with the economy as it is they haven't given me any problems whatsoever with purchasing and I'll run high balances (in the tens of thousands) on some months but they have always cleared me (which is not true of other cards). Bang for the buck I have to go with the Am Ex Platinum.

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The best MasterCard black card is the Santander Unlimited Black!

Postby I like luxury credit cards » Wed Jan 21, 2009 4:19 pm

The black Mastercard businesscard is no better than any other credit card!

If you want a real premium Mastercard black card then the best one out there is for if you live in Brazil. There is a card called the Santander Unlimited Mastercard black and it is issued by Santander Group in Brazil. They reportedly have only issued the card to less than 5,000 people in all of Latin America! It gives a lot of benefits that the Amex charge cards give like the platinum and gold cards.

Here is a picture from the Santander site but it's really small and you can't see much. The site is all in Spanish and I only know English.

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Postby Demon » Tue Apr 07, 2009 3:30 am

if it could be applied, it is not a real Black Card ~
the World maeter also by invitation only
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Postby Rajeta » Tue Apr 07, 2009 5:27 pm

I hope Mastercard doesn't follow Visa in making a wannabe black card for 500 dollars. If you want a black mastercard, I would go with the Saks World Elite Mastercard (no annual fee).

SAKSFIRST Saks World Elite MasterCard Features -

It's even nicknamed the little black card, there's no annual fee, and it's a World Elite. It also helps if you shop at Saks so you can at least get some use out of the card.

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