Are Citibank credit cards good?

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Postby JNK » Fri Nov 25, 2011 9:27 pm

Citibank has, in the past, gotten their marketing and related communication mixed up and has sent out the wrong marketing literature to the wrong customers.

That, in and of itself, isn't bad.

On the other hand, when the marketing and communication is wrong and it is something that affects your account (for example, receiving a, "We'll help you pay off your Citicard account and in exchange, we'll cut off some of your CL!" letter which is an invitation to enrollment into the program which leads a representative to enrolling you without any notification, it can be something of a headache.

Citicard gives me my lowest CL (along with one of my lowest below-market APRs - go figure) and I was paying in full during that time and my FICO was ding-donging between 785 to 805... and somehow, I managed to receive a high-risk marketing plan and my account somehow got enrolled in the program without me knowing.

When I called in to inquire about the attempt to enroll in the program (I received an email saying that my enrollment was a success and I was like WTFH?!), the rep on the phone was just as WTF as I was when they discovered that somehow, I had gotten enrolled into a high-risk program and they referred me to their supervisor who was both extremely apologetic and WTF, too. The supervisor had nothing but praises for my account and for my 'good habits' and said that there was no way that my account would have 'pre-qualified' for that program. When I asked how this had managed to happen, they said they would inquire and find out and to hold on a for a minute.

When they picked up the phone again, I found out that the promo was indeed for people whom Citi thought were at higher risk and that there had been an internal marketing error in which accounts that weren't 'qualified' and 'targeted' for the promotion were also being flagged for the promotion and that my account was one of them. I also found out that during my last conversation with a Citi rep some two weeks ago or so, I had apparently 'agreed' to the plan... which of course I never did much less heard about! Further investigation showed that I most certainly did not give authorization of any sort to enroll in the program and that the rep who enrolled me without me knowing was at fault.

So... yeah.

Five years with Citicards says that customer service isn't bad and generally, the reps DO try their best to help, but there are communication problems at times - language barriers being one of them, reps not fully communicating what they're doing or offering or signing you up for being another one - though that just might be my own experience and no one else's.
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Postby FutureBillionaire » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:38 pm

I don't travel on business. I eat out alot, go to the movies, and spend money shopping on clothes and electronics. What bureau does Citi pull from?
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Postby hjamespyun » Thu Jan 19, 2012 5:20 pm

My current Citi credit card got an Experian pull; I notice they tend to use them the most, followed by Equifax and then TransUnion.
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Postby Moneytalks » Mon Feb 06, 2012 10:26 pm

Agreed, Citi Dividends is great! It's my Visa back up, and love* the customer service!! Perfect card for those students out there...
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