The Great Indoors Mastercard problem

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The Great Indoors Mastercard problem

Postby Yokeo » Thu Aug 25, 2011 2:22 pm

Had a Mastercard for The Great Indoors store going back way far. Wanted to use it after and come to find out that the store locations in my state have all shuttered up. I called up customer service number 1-800-823-7879. Told me that I should go to Sears now if I want to buy stuff now and use the Mastercard there. What is the deal with this store and if Sears is running the show now then why hasn't my credit card been replaced with a Sears card?

CC Deville
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Postby CC Deville » Thu Aug 25, 2011 7:38 pm

Sears Holdings owns The Great Indoors. Back when Sears had their own bank, they issued the Sears Gold MasterCard and The Great Indoors MasterCard. Sears has since sold their bank to Citibank. After reviewing The Great Indoors website, it does not appear that they issue The Great Indoors MasterCard any longer but they do accept the Sears MasterCard.
Many times banks will continue to issue cards to existing cardholder's while not accepting new cardholder's for the card. So since you were "grandfathered in" you continue to be issued The Great Indoors MasterCard. Or, they may replace it with a Sears MasterCard once it is expired.
MasterCard can be used anywhere, so you don't have to just use it at Sears or The Great Indoors. I am surprised they did not close it due to inactivity.

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