Ritz Carlton Card Benefits With Marriotts Hotels

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Ritz Carlton Card Benefits With Marriotts Hotels

Postby Busyman » Wed Feb 15, 2017 11:28 pm

I have some questions on using this card with Marriott properties and general questions.

1. Can the $300 travel credit be with used for Global Entry? I know I can get a separate GE credit but can I get more credit using the $300 travel credit for GE as well?

2. Can the $300 travel credit be used for toll charges?

3. Do I have to call for these credits? On my CSR, the credit is automatic.

4. Does Priority Pass cover guests?

5. Can the $100 hotel dining/spa/etc credit be used with Marriott properties?

6. If I'm already Gold, will I be extended Gold for a year?

7. What is the best offer out right now for the card? I saw awhile ago you got 3 nights for $5K spend. Now I only see 2 nights for $4k spend.

I already have a Marriott Rewards card. The RC card seems like a no brainer due to the travel credit which makes the card a net annual fee of $150. Then, I factor in the airline credits and so forth.

My plan is to use my GE credit with CSR, then another credit with RC (for my wife). I then want to get credit using part of the $300 for my oldest daughter.

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