Paypower Visa / Paypower prepaid debit card - major problem!

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How in the world do you cancel a PayPower card?

Postby drebayybayy » Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:42 pm

I can't seem to find anything in their instructions or on the website. I don't want this card anymore!!! Can anyone help? Should I call them?

Blue Lionhorse
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Postby Blue Lionhorse » Tue Jan 14, 2014 4:28 pm

I was looking for a convenient VISA cash card that I could use for online purchases without risking identity theft while avoiding mass marketers. And this is not it. The link to their website is:

1. You cannot read the agreement without buying the card: $3.95 at retailer + $5.95 to start an account the card. And if you don't want to pursue and want to cancel the process, it's another $5.95.
2. The 4-page agreement is in font 4 which corresponds to about 14 pages 8 1/2 x 11. And you need to read that junk to discover that:
a. your money is now no longer your money: the cash that you deposit, the direct deposit that you receive are only available after 20 business days which means an entire month so that they charge you for another monthly account maintenance charge.
b. if there is a problem with your email account, they could close your card account with your money in it.
c. The card is only for personal use, not for business use; not even home business use.
d. In order to help the government fight terrorism and money laundering activities, you have to release ALL information about you including to give them your social security number, bank account numbers, telephone numbers, complete address and employer information on a website. And we know that they can't be hacked by the very people we are supposedly excluding from the system. It's false security and they are the one's found guilty of deceptive practices and fraud. So they want me to give my social security numbers to a company guilty of fraud. Really?
e. You may not do a cash withdrawal from an ATM or obtaining cash back from a debit purchase.
f. To deposit money, you have to prove your identity every time.
g. The maximum withdrawal / purchase is $500 a day regardless of your balance.
h. They may suspend or cancel the card at any time without notice and for any reason.
i. They collect what you purchase and when and where you completed the purchase. They only share this information with government agencies, banks, financial institutions, attorneys, marketing entities (including mass mailers), providers of electronic services (including telephone companies) and commercial entities such as Safeway Inc (Dominick's grocery stores).
j. If you are not satisfied with them and choose an arbitrator to decide on the dispute, you the consumer have to pay up front all administrative costs to have the case heard. We are talking of thousands of dollars.
k. When money is withheld by a business (car rental, hotel, restaurant etc) and not used, you only get it after 60 days.

Meta Financial Group, Metabank and Meta Payment Systems have been sued countless times and, recently they were found guilty in separate cases for deceptive trade practices, false and misleading public statements, and CD fraud. I was able to find more than 11,000 complaints about PayPower or any of the Meta entities in Iowa, South Dakota, California, Illinois, Indiana and many other states. You can find a sample of those issues in the following links:


My advise, DO NOT GET THIS CARD for any reason.

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Paypower visa keeping all my money.Im getting no answers!

Postby Napoleonh » Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:49 am

I bought a paypower card at Safeway in Antioch,California. My sole reason purchasing this.card was to get my taxes direct deposited. I loaded $20 onto my card. My tax return of $5566 is being deposited in 2 days. I went to the gas station to use the $20 on my card.and it was declined. I called the number and they said there has been a hold placed on my card??? I am unable to use the money I put on the card?? This makes no sense. I said I am expecting my tax return in 2 days? I was told I have to wait until the hold is lifted. They.refused to tell me why there is a hold or how long it would take. ridiculous. I am suppose to move into my new house with this money. Why am I not.allowed access to my own money?

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Watch Out

Postby questtioning2 » Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:25 pm

I recently was contacted by phone from PayPower stating that I qualified for a 1,500.00 loan. All I had to do was go to Sav-A-Lot grocery store and purchase a pre-paid visa card for 20.00. Next thing I know within 2 days they said that I had to get a card for 60.00 to activate it and yet another card for 95.00 for an insurance policy because my credit score was to low to qualify for the loan. I waited the time limit and called to find out that they had issued my cards to somebody else and they said they would get me back my money in 3 weeks. I told them I couldn't wait that long, I know that they have a fedex or ups account and to send my money overnight to me. They called me bright and early the next day and said that if I went and got a card for 20.00 they could put the money direct deposit into my account. Well that was a big mistake. In total, they got me for 265.00. I am a mentally handicapped person and when my fiancé found out what happened he grabbed the phone and started going off on the people on the phone. When he did this they then told me that they were not going to refund anything to me. And I could just forget everything. Within 10 minutes of this happening, I asked my fiancé to call back and apologize to see if it would help any. The phone was disconnected! I have been in contact with the Senator of Florida, the Attorney General of Florida, the OCCC, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, of course, the Sheriff Department. The Legal Aid department is picking up my case for me, here in Lake County. The Attorney General in Texas and California are also getting involved because the number showed up as a Texas name on my phone but it is a California number! They messed with the WRONG GIRL!

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Postby monica c » Wed Feb 18, 2015 8:17 pm

:Pay power has told me for two weeks it will be there tomorrow.NOT
There was a large amount of cards sent,that is the delay. post office fault.
It was mailed jan 30th,still no card.You can go to home depot and get a card
an transfer the moneys 2 to 3 days Yea start over with more lies!!!

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