How Many People Got A MasterCard Black Card Fee Waived?

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Re: How Many People Got A MasterCard Black Card Fee Waived?

Postby Tubpbs » Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:17 am

CarefulBuilder14 wrote:
Tubpbs wrote:Easily. If you take a 60 mile plane trip a year, the fee is $200... And you go from there

1. I assume you're talking about Prestige's points for miles flown. I think that was eliminated.

2. I'm not following your math. I'm assuming you mean that 60x3=180 (almost 200). If you earned 3 points per mile, though, you'd earn 180 points on a 60 mile flight...points worth only about $2.

300 points per mile (the rate necessary to earn about $200 on a 60-mile flight), then my $210 one-way flights between NY and CA would earn me $7500 in rewards each way. I can understand Citi giving out 2500 bonus points for a flight, but not 750000 (2500x300).

Very puzzled...

I simply meant that if you buy the plane ticket with the card, they refund the $250...
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