The end of my United MileagePlus Explorer

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The end of my United MileagePlus Explorer

Postby TXviking » Mon May 23, 2016 5:46 pm

Sorry, this is kind of long. And perhaps a bit ranty. I hope the information in here will prove useful to someone, so I've opted not to shorten it.

I had some problems with my United MileagePlus Explorer MC. Separately, I also had some problems with United themselves. Some of the more salient points:

- Tried to buy a plane ticket to Norway from (budget airline) last year. Transaction declined for "fraud". Wound up paying a slightly higher fare after retrying on another credit card.
- Notified Chase I'd be traveling in Norway in Dec/Jan. Card was cut off by the fraud department while I was in Norway, in spite of the notification. Ostensibly, this was triggered by an annual Skype membership fee billed to the card that has been billed every year since 2009. Skype (really Microsoft now) bills these out of Luxembourg for some odd reason.
- Was provided several toll-free numbers to call collect. None would accept collect calls. Wound up using another card (with a FTF) for the remainder of my trip.
- Card was among numbers compromised at "a merchant". Chase wouldn't tell me which merchant, so I wound up having to replace all my credit and debit cards. To add insult to injury, I never got the replacement United card

- Forced me to check my carryon on a flight from DCA to EWR. Bent my laptop, cracked the screen on my iPad. No compensation because I didn't tell them until after I left the airport. (I don't know about you, but I generally unpack when I get home.)
- Wound up with $50 in bogus baggage fees and $22 in duplicate airport taxes after United rebooked my stepson and myself on US AIrways because United's plane was broken (as usual)
- Had to pay $150 extra to use miles for a reward flight because we booked 19 days out; apparently they had a policy that we had to book 21 days in advance

None of this endeared me to either Chase or United. I've booked all travel since then on non-United carriers; I spend over $10K/yr on flights mostly for work, but my employer lets me choose the carrier. Lately, I've been flying primarily Delta and Alaska. Not a single flight on United metal since.

This all adds up to "why bother with the card anymore?" I kept it through March because I was refinancing my house and didn't want to touch my credit. With the house refi done, in April, I apped and was approved for the CSP. Like the United Card, the CSP has no FTF and the same AF.

Long story short, I kept Chase, but I fired United. Explained all the grievances above to a CSP CSR, and asked for the previous year's AF to be credited. Also closed my United MileagePlus Explorer MC during the same call.

Today, an AF refund check for $95 showed up in my mailbox. This was the 2015 AF; the 2016 AF was due to hit in June.

Moral of the story: AF refunds after the grace period are not easy to get, but if you've had legitimate problems, they are possible.

(I'm still annoyed with Chase for blocking stuff for fraud every time I sneeze -- none of these fraud indicators have been ACTUAL fraud -- but I'm trying to find some kind of solution to that. Not ready to fire Chase just yet, because when their fraud department isn't interfering, they've otherwise been pleasant to do business with.)

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Re: The end of my United MileagePlus Explorer

Postby kcm7 » Wed May 25, 2016 12:31 pm

Glad you got your annual fee back!

Every time I pass the little kiosk near the gate with people hawking the United credit card, and they don't take "No thanks" for an answer, I'm like, "Look, you do NOT want to hear about all the problems I've had with United. I am only flying it today because I have to, and I'm worried they're going to lose my luggage AGAIN and/or get me to my destination two days late (not due to weather) AGAIN."

Tried to buy a plane ticket to Norway from (budget airline) last year. Transaction declined for "fraud". Wound up paying a slightly higher fare after retrying on another credit card.

Exact same thing happened with my Barclaycard Arrival. I buy travel a lot. It's a travel card. But it happens every dang time I try to buy international plane tickets. Last time, I had to pay an extra $60 because the fare had gone up when I tried to buy again. So, I called Barclaycard and asked them to give me $60 worth of rewards to make up for it. After talking to two supervisors, they did! And that's why I kept the card.

-Capital One Quicksilver
-Barclaycard Arrival (no AF)
- US Bank (no rewards)

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