Mastercard Odyssey World Elite - Chip & Pin Failure?

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Mastercard Odyssey World Elite - Chip & Pin Failure?

Postby HapkidoNinja » Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:36 pm

I signed up for and received a MasterCard Odyssey World Elite credit card this summer as I travel frequently to Europe and wanted the convenience of a chip and pin card. I have taken two trips in the past 4 months and in both of them the card has failed to function smoothly, although the chip and pin authorization works seamlessly in the US. In both cases while I was abroad I was assured by MC that my card should be functioning and that there are no fraud alerts or blocks against the card.

In Paris, I saw the card repeatedly fail after prompting me for a PIN, eventually locking the card. This has to be unlocked by venturing to a nearby ATM and doing a PIN reset. In other venues in Paris, I was rejected after the first PIN attempt so I stopped trying.

Last month in London, the card reader at Boot's displayed a PIN lock message upon insertion of the card, rejecting all PIN entry. The register refused to allow swipe of the card as well, forcing me to use another chip & signature card. The next day, a coffee shop reader refused the PIN and instead printed out a slip for signature. In between I was able to access my balance and account info at an ATM (I wanted to check the card validity and the PIN).

Now, the question I have is that I am travelling to Barcelona this month and my credit union's card services department claims that the card seems faulty and they are replacing it. It doesn't make sense to me and I suspect it is something deeper in the network and not unique to the card. Am I in the wrong on this?

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Re: Mastercard Odyssey World Elite - Chip & Pin Failure?

Postby takeshi » Fri Feb 05, 2016 1:19 pm

No idea. There are very few chip & PIN cards currently in the US and few have experience with them.

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