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Re: DoubleCash ACLI

Postby kdm31091 » Sat Dec 12, 2015 12:58 pm

Vermonster wrote:
yfan wrote:
Vermonster wrote:Yeah I've be getting loads of denials on mine. I started at $2300 and asked for a cli after a month carrying a balance of ~1800. I got a measly $750 increase. since then I've had nothing from the online SP requests. I'm sure when I pay it down I will be able to massage a little extra out of them.

If you are requesting SP increases, Citi generally requires 6 months between such increases. I have had 2 Citi cards since 2011 (I PC'ed the Dividend to Double Cash as soon as it were available), and in my experience consumer requests of SP CLI within 6 months of another increase is always fruitless.

Is that between CLIs or between requests? I don't really care too much right now. I'm carrying a balance from summer school during this 0% period so it's not like I need the extra spending ability. I'm sure my credit score would like me to stop carrying a 50% util on it, but that should all be sorted out well before the end of the 0%.

Between actual CLIs, not just requests, AFAIK.

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