Mastercard purchase protection UK??

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Mastercard purchase protection UK??

Postby CrispyNuts » Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:44 am

Just wondering if someone out there could give me some clarification please?
I brought a ex display fish tank for £500 a few days ago, they delivered it but really in my opinion couldn't be bothered in helping me put it in a safe place so he suggested we put it on a table, which we did. 10 mins later after they had gone the table gave way and fish tank went with it into a million pieces.
I paid for my tank using a MasterCard issued by a large super market in the UK, I phoned them up and first of all i was told i could do something about it but then the next I was told that I couldn't. Then while doing a internet search I read that every purchase over £100 was automatically covered for accidental damage amongst other things. Can somebody please clear up as to what my rights are as I now have £500 worth of broken 12mm glass.

Thank you

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i'm in the u.s., but...

Postby jeffysdad » Wed Apr 14, 2010 3:36 pm

you should have a sheet with terms of your benefits provided to you by the bank that issued the card. if you don't have that, call them up and get it. whatever it says in there is what you're entitled to.
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also in the u s

Postby DoingHomework » Thu Apr 15, 2010 5:04 pm

I'm sorry to hear that that happened to you. What a bummer

Since you had "approved" where they left the tank (you didn't say you objected or that they put it on the table against your will) I think you are as much at fault as the delivery guys.

If you are covered for accidental damage, which you are with some cards, then you might be able to collect. It will depend on how reasonable what you did was. If the table was obviously too weak to hold the tank - obviously it WAS, then you would be negligent and they might not cover it for that reason. But if an ordinary person would think the table was strong enough (and obviously both you and the delivery guy did) then they might cover it if they cover accidental damage.

Read the terms of your agreement. If teh terms say you are covered for accidental damage then you will still have to submit a claim and hope they don't say you were at fault.

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