Help! Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval Odds?

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Re: Help! Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval Odds?

Postby Vermonster » Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:37 pm

zz91 wrote:I faxed it to them last Thursday, do you think I should wait a little long or call right now? I'm just afraid it would come off as desperate haha, which isn't the case I've read many similar stories about faxes not going through.

It isn't desperate when it comes to financial matters, it is being responsible and diligent. If you're polite and genuine about wanting to make sure that you are doing what is being asked of you they will always try their hardest to help. When I faxed documents from a Chase branch to the Chase auto loan department the woman put me on the line with an underwriter and he went over my entire file right then and there. I clarified a few questions and walked out of the branch with a check. 30 min max, instead of the general "7-10 days by mail."

I hope others see this and make the call ASAP! But congrats on the approval, that is a nice card.
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Re: Help! Chase Sapphire Preferred Approval Odds?

Postby kcm7 » Tue Jul 14, 2015 4:37 pm

zz91 wrote:
I called their regular application line, told them I faxed in my ID and hadn't heard anything, so they transferred me to their versification department, who only asked me two questions and I was instantly approved for 5K with my credit card coming in the mail within 7-10 Days.

Great news!

And as for calling to "check up," I don't think that comes across as desperate. Multiple applications, yes, that's desperate, but following up on paperwork for an existing application is responsible.

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