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Re: Sallie Mae

Postby takeshi » Fri May 01, 2015 8:58 am

pswinontario wrote:I was just searching about Sallie Mae on google. but what I found , 1 star out of 5 rated by 1200 people.

I am really scared to go for Sallie Mae MasterCard®.

the review was so bad about student loan but not sure about Credit card review.

You have to be careful relying on reviews. Always consider your sources, validate and corroborate. If your 1 out of 5 star from 1,200 people is from then you really need to consider the source. Let's take a company that is generally regarded as having excellent customer service. I'm pulling one off the top of my head but you can search around or use your own example. I'm going to use USAA. It gets just over 1 star on that site. That indicates to me that this is a dubious resource. If you want to research credit card companies I recommend using credit card discussions site like this one though even using them has its caveats as discussion forums do skew data because of their nature.

The reviews about student loans are not relevant to the card. Sallie Mae (and Navient) who service the student loans are not the same company as Barclay who services the card. There are those who don't for Barclay but there are also those who have no problems with them. Even so, I've never had issues with Sallie Mae or Navient for my student loans FWIW.

With a few exceptions such as companies that prey on those with poor credit I'd recommending focusing on the features and benefits of a card and how it suits you.

pswinontario wrote:Have u guys ever find any difficulty to use reward ?


pswinontario wrote:How do we used reward for cash?

You don't really get cash. You simply select statement credit as the redemption method. The only other options are to transfer to a Upromise account or credit against a student loan.

pswinontario wrote:Do it has any android or apple app? ... 99399?mt=8 ... rdus&hl=en
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Re: Sallie Mae

Postby pswinontario » Fri May 01, 2015 9:11 am

I agree what u r saying.

Loan and CC both r from different source.

Thank u for ur time.

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Re: Sallie Mae

Postby CarefulBuilder14 » Fri May 08, 2015 7:28 pm

I'd also point out that opportunities for extra rewards are scarce (you may be able to call them and get a few extra dollars now and then, YMMV). There are no special offers like "spend $X at merchant Y, get $Z back". You can't transfer points to travel partners, or even increase the cpp value a little bit through cheap gift cards.

You get a TU FICO, and a high percentage of cash back, but not a whole lot else.

There are two very important questions to ask yourself about this card's rewards:
1. Do you spend enough on gas/groceries/books to want to bother with a special card for those categories?
2. If so, do you spend so much that the caps become a constraint and a nuisance?

I asked myself the first, but not the second. Like the BCE, for me it's a card I find somewhat useful and keep open now that I have it. But, if I had mine closed and had to consider applying for a new one, I might not bother.
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