Citigroup to take Over Costco Cobranded Cards

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I’ll stick with Visa

Postby Callmedory » Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:41 pm

It’s been nice getting a Costco refund on the TrueEarnings, but why bother? When they go to Visa and I’ll use my CSP and maybe downgrade Costco from Executive to regular.

The question someone had about the bolded portion? I think that means that Costco is conditioning this on Citi taking over the TrueEarnings accounts. Costco doesn’t want to lose members ($$) just because Citi won’t issue them cards.

Totally OT: I know CK isn’t a “real” score, but it’s nice to know something gave us 830 as a score. We just got the MileagePlus. I applied online and they gave us $32K. We just want to charge for the bonus and let it be a while.

We used some CSP UR points for a RT-ticket to Hawai’i (pay the other), getting 20% off booking through UR. I know it might not be the “best” use, but we don’t rack up tens of thousands of points, so saving $500 isn’t bad--worth the $95 AF for a $500 ticket. It would’ve been way more United miles for those flights and we only had, like, 12K of them. Even adding the UR wouldn’t have been enough. Though I’d appreciate suggestions for improvement of usage.

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