Just Got Instant Approved for BarclayCard MasterCard

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Just Got Instant Approved for BarclayCard MasterCard

Postby VictorSuede » Thu Aug 21, 2014 5:10 pm

Today I got a pre-approval notice from them in the mail and decided to go for it since they were offering 12 mo. interest free on balance transfers, and i'm trying to reduce the balance on my interest bearing Discover card. I wasn't really expecting to get approved since it's only been four months since I got the Chase Slate Visa. I also wasn't optimistic about getting a decent credit limit after the Slate card. (Given what I already had, the Slate's $500 limit was a really unpleasant surprise.)

But I was having a good day and had a good feeling about it and went ahead and tried it. The $2000 CL instant approval was a really nice surprise. It's not as much as I could've used, but a lot more than I was expecting, and will be a big help.

So, awesome. ;)

Now I've got a card from all the major networks (Visa, MC, AMEX, Discover), so I figure I'm done for the foreseeable future. Though at some point I suppose I need to try to get the credit limit increased on the Slate. The 1% interest rate would be really useful if the limit was higher.

For reference, FICO according to Discover is presently 688.
Victor Suede

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  • Barclaycard MasterCard (1 Point per Dollar Everything; 2 Points per Dollar Gas, Groceries, Utilities): $2.9k (8/14; Credit Limit Increase 4/15)
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