Im a secondary Citi card holder

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Im a secondary Citi card holder

Postby Yeru » Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:05 pm

In 2012 I had no credit and very little money in my Citi checking account (~$200) so my family opened a Citi Platinum Select MC account (1.5k limit) in Spring 2012 with my mother being primary card holder and me being secondary card holder. She has never used her card but Ive used mine well and was able to build some credit history.

Fast forward to now, I have the cards that you see in my sig under my post and a little over $18k sitting in that same checking account. Citi decided to change our cards from the Platinum Select to the Diamond Preferred MC (1.5k limit).

I do like this new Diamond Preferred MC card and would love to use it more often if I had a larger credit line limit.

1. Would it a bad idea to apply for this card under my name even though I already have it as a secondary holder?

2. How likely am I to get approved/rejected? My most recent TU FICO from a month ago is 747 and income of 38k/year. If approved, do you guys think they will still give me a 1.5k limit?

3. Is it possible to upgrade this card to a World Elite in the future?

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