Just got approved for a Chase card!

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Postby czannah » Thu Jun 12, 2014 12:40 am

You said x3 CLI's. You did 3 requests in one day on the same card?
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Postby popamode72 » Thu Jun 12, 2014 9:14 am

czannah wrote:You said x3 CLI's. You did 3 requests in one day on the same card?

No that wasn't the case. OP just asked for a credit limit 3x than the existing credit limit that was on the card.
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Postby Yeru » Wed Jul 09, 2014 2:52 pm

Thanks guys! and yes my initial limit on the Amex was $3,000 and on the 61st day I requested $9,000. So only 1 credit line increase request

The Chase Marriott has become my main card. On the first month I spent ~$750 on the Marriott card and only about ~$400 on the Amex. And in the current statement I have used ~$400 on the Marriott and ~$100 on the Amex.

My Citi Platinum Select card has been auto converted to a Citi Diamond Preferred card because I guess CIti no longer has the Platinum Select. Not that it matters because I dont see myself using anything other than my 2 main cards.

The first year annual fee for the Marriott has been waived. Would I be able to cancel the card before my first year ends in case I decide that it is not worth it?

@ luvbullmarkets: I stopped using my Discover. Im going to keep it for the free TU FICO every month but besides that I really dont have any use for a Discover card especially since most places I dine at or visit, dont even accept Discover. The only thing I ever purchased wit this card was gas once in a while. They are currently having a 5% cash back on gas so I may use it again soon

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