Are you keeping history alive?

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Are you keeping history alive?

Postby Kaiokenryu » Mon May 12, 2014 11:35 pm

this thread is aimed at those who have a "thing" that they are using today....that may perhaps be older than they are from a loved one that is dear to them.

running a family business where you are a generational owner
using an army canteen that a grand parent used during a war
a quilt that was nit by a family member during a period of persecution
a table that has been in family for all of your parents and your life...

for me:

I being nosy was fishing around in the basement and came across my granddads effects from his death in the early 80s.

I have:
his flag presented at his military funeral (people don't realize how heavy and big a real US flag is) i can't hold hit without fighting back tears.....and I never served.

his army canteen
his army jacket
his wallet
his college yearbooks
his pipe
His masters and bachelors degrees
a bottle of whiskey with whiskey still in it....
a letter to my grandmother while he was away
and the toughest one of all.....a card to my father for father's day that he didn't get to give where he mentions to him that he thinks I hung the moon....

many of these are out for display in the house for those who come over....they make for good conversation and also....I show them to my son who is 3 and let him know what he has in him.

when i found it....after the tears were wiped away from the flood of memories....all i could think of is that saying of "you can't take it with you". it made sense then.

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