about to cut my nose off..well......you know the rest....

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about to cut my nose off..well......you know the rest....

Postby Kaiokenryu » Mon May 12, 2014 11:04 pm

I happened to go into office depot to look for a "diary" for my father who just came off Original DayTimer from the 80s. He was simply looking for something dated that he could right a to do list in and keep thoughts organized.

I'm poking around the planner section and...its friggin huge. 30 feet on both sides dedicated to nothing by stuff to write in: planners.......journals.....executive padfolios and the like.

Now here is where I'm going to fufill my title line:

I use a secretary jotter much like this one at work for giving out OBD codes and when i'm out people watching to write things down that tickle me to share with other people.


my vent is that i ended up buying this: Image for 40.00 and it was what he asked for.....except it wasn't what he was used to. He ended up having me order the same refill that he's been using since 85 that he swore up and down he wouldn't because the price then was too high but ended up being the same as what i returned to office depot to the tune of $40.00. Gotta love parents when they are older. He is at a point where if he doesn't write it down right then and there when the thought hits.......he will lose it forever. I respect that totally...He raised me to believe..."if you want to remember something....write it down"...and it works.


the prices of some of the planners had me thinking you really can put a price on being organized....and for me it ends at 40.00 (which was at the high end of entry level).

how is this market still around with smart phones that will tell you when its time to take a fart if you schedule it? while my jotter secretary is from 1948 and the paper looks like it too because it belonged to my grandaddy and he used it when he came back from world war 2 when he started teaching high school physics. ...i find myself wondering....why don't i just use SNote on my Note 3 and email it to the customer holding an Iphone 5s? Isn't that where we are headed? but it doesn't help i have handwriting from heaven (this brings me to another point for another post later) and i love to jot down down any and everything that comes to mind when i"m bored.

Anyone still lugging around a planning padfolio and writing business note and appointments down still?

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