Credit Karma: A New Address Has Been Listed

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Credit Karma: A New Address Has Been Listed

Postby Dylan1982 » Wed Apr 30, 2014 1:59 am

For the past month now I've been getting emails from CK that a new address has been issued to me on my credit report. But when I go to log on, there's nothing listed.

So finally, 4/15 I started emailing CK. Everyone knows there is not CS phone for them, so I had no choice but to email them.

I sent them friendly emails stating that I haven't moved blah blah blah and can someone please check this out for me.

I heard nothing back, a week later, 4/22 I sent CK another email much like the first email I sent on 4/15. Again heard nothing back

On 4/23 I began to forward CK the emails that CK was generating to me about this so called new address (again nothing pops up on their web site) and still never heard anyhtinf back

Sent another email 4/25 to CK again NO RESPONSE. I will keep forwarding them if I have to.

But what's weird, is that the email that is generating from CK about a new address is coming from this email address: [email protected]......

Credit Karmas email for support is: [email protected]...

So that alerts email address, I am wondering if it is a fraud email address? Still haven't heard back from CK either...

Anyone have any idea on what's going on or what I can do?
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Postby haikuginger » Wed Apr 30, 2014 8:06 am

I'd pull full credit reports from the three bureaus if I were you. You can do it once per year for free, and if an address has been added to your report, it could be that someone at that address is planning on applying for cards under your name. Pulling all three reports will let you see exactly what's going on and dispute any inaccurate details.

CK isn't in charge of your credit; they just report some of the details back to you. In this case, it sounds like another address has been linked to your name on your credit report. That could be nothing, but it's worth checking.

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