Today - fun or stupid?

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Today - fun or stupid?

Postby djrez4 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 12:13 pm

I'm not sure what to think of today. Perhaps it's the leftover jetlag, but I can't tell what to take seriously and what's obviously a joke. Case in point, in my inbox, an email about Whaktraks, the data-driven prophylactic from Himeros.

Designed, in part, by a disgruntled MIT dropout “looking for perfect love,” Whaktraks are essentially pedometers for your peen.

These so-called “mactivity trackers” resemble a Fitbit-equipped cock ring with a sheath. Each WT utilizes a series of sensors and a Bluetooth-syncing app (iOS only; Android and other models “coming soon”) to provide real-time updates on your conscious couplings.

Things like heart rate. Hump patterns over time. Load bearings, pre- and post-coital.

And TPM reports (a.k.a. thrusts per minute).

It works for your partner, too. The WT constantly reports on moisture, heat and diameter.

Plus, there are push notifications in the event of breakage.

And has decided to filter every instance of the word "Obama" and replace it with "Taft." We're living in the age of TaftCare, now.

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Postby JoDa » Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:36 pm

I firmly believe everyone has lost their damn sense of humor. Today, my neighborhood blog posted a joke about Trader Joe's moving into the neighborhood (we're years away from that honor), a local real estate blog posted about 62 ft2 micro-units (even noting that the plans "may not progress beyond today"), and the blog I contribute to the most posted about how we need to get city dwellers to drive more (when we regularly promote non-car transportation AND DO AN APRIL FOOLS EDITION EVERY YEAR), and SOME people took all of this seriously.
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