Let's have a vote

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Let's have a vote

Postby MemberSince99 » Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:24 am

For the user on FICO who stands out the most to you and why.

For me that would be CreditScholar. He combines raw arrogance with sheer nastiness on a scale that has to be read to be believed. I'll never forget the thread where someone posted an income which honestly wasn't high or anything and CreditScholar savaged him for being a loser for making such a pittance and suggested he might want to get a better job before getting a credit card. There was no attempting to be kind or diplomatic in any way in his post. I knew right then we were looking at an individual who thinks his droppings don't stink.

A close runner up would have to be 09Lexie. She's not nasty and vicious unlike CreditScholar, who has the personality to be an NFL linebacker but would probably get his ass kicked if he tried to take the field, but she does her best to watch the lifetime rebuilders there like the NSA and make sure they don't apply, though of course they always do (hey there's another Commenity card I don't have yet!).

And last but not least would be Appbar, who I haven't seen a post from in close to a year now. He managed to out-app BearsAndTurtles and got declined for 95% of them but still picked up a couple of cards along the way. Good for him.

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Postby notcool » Sun Jan 26, 2014 3:10 pm

As far as I know, none of those posters have ever made a thread with the sole purpose of insulting other people. And whatever else their faults may be, they have never been banned from myfico for making racially charged (and arguably racist) comments in a forum about credit cards like the OP has been.

I suppose the OP in this thread has run out of banks to insult for silly reasons for so he now is going to make mean spirited insults toward other people and the myfico forum in general.

I used to post on this forum frequently under a different user name. I've been lurking the last couple of months. I lost interest in posting because of frequent nonsense like this. But the frequency of this foolishness has increased the last few weeks. I decided to make a new name to just state, so hopefully the moderator can see, that if this forum is going to head in this direction, I won't even be interested in reading/lurking anymore.

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