here is another off credit item

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here is another off credit item

Postby MemberSince99 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:27 am

I went to the dentist recently and of course, they pushed x-rays, even though I let them do it last year (against my better judgement but I realize they have expensive equipment and country club dues and the Mercedes he drives isn't cheap either).

Does anyone else find how pushy they get about that and services you don't need obnoxious?

I realize they are strictly in it for the money, but this is why I hate the American "health" system (or one of many reasons to be honest) and just avoid it as much as possible.

I remember in my 20s taking my car to Firestone, as they had a 9.99 alignment advertised. They put it up on the hoist, and of course, they claimed I needed a new tie-rod. I said just take my car down and I'll be leaving now. He goes so are you going to get the new tie-rod? I looked him in the eye and answered "if it needs it". I took it to a local alignment shop owned by a sole proprietor, he aligned it, for a fair price, and never said a word about my tie-rods. And that is how they make money by the way on the specials by selling you stuff you don't need (and I've caught them not even installing new parts but that's another story).
So when it comes to cars the crooks don't really take offense if you call them on their larceny. Comparing to the dentist when I was about the same age, I questioned the x-rays thing and the dentist actually lost it and screamed at me to 'get the hell out of my office'. A true professional at work, no doubt, professional crook that is.

I've just become weary of the crooks in our health system trying to financially bleed us to death. From what I've read x-rays are not needed that often, and increase the risk of brain cancer (and thyroid too) but of course they don't care about that - you'll notice they step out of the room after telling you how safe the procedure is.

Anyone else feel the same or is it just me?

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Postby MemberSince99 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 9:41 am

Speaking of which, this topic reminds me. As a kid my mom took me to the dentist, and having been in school all day I and being taken right from there, I hadn't had time to brush before I went. Apparently that enraged this dentist (a different wacko than the one above) because when he thought I was under from the gas, I heard him say to the assistant 'I've never seen so much **** in all my life' (referring to what was on my teeth). Then he goes "Charge her for a full cleaning" meaning my mom in this case, even though he didn't do a full cleaning of course.

Then I was under, but I remember coming out of it. It's like when you've been sleeping heavily and are still under, maybe after you had some booze before bed, you are still groggy, but I was fully conscious, and I remember him putting his face right in mine and taunting me. Mind you this is a grown (in age anyway) man doing this to an 8 year old kid. I remember being aware his assistant was right there and she looked very uncomfortable.

The worst part was I told my mom and she of course did not believe me. Gee mom, thanks for standing up for me, as always.

later I read the guy died I saw his obituary and my only thought was I wonder if most people knew what a prick he really was.

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Postby whit » Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:07 pm

I've had horrible experiences with my dentist when I was young; then again it was a different time then and I was under my mom's insurance, which is excellent.. Excellent enough that I got round the clock health care from ucsf, literally living there for majority of six months w/o paying out of pocket.. That was for something else but you know, all around great

Great enough that I guess he did a lot of work that I don't need, and shoddy work at that, and I was dumb enough not to know better and my mom wasn't there because she was at work..

Not making excuses, but what happened happened, since then I have avoided unnecessary trips because, why bother, they just like claiming your insurance and billing you what they can't squeeze out of,

I'm not sure exactly where you are, depending on where, you get different experience, different answer :) but for me, I'm in a highly saturated area of dentists and now that I'm older I'm not so much of a pushover anymore

I found a dentist who I took a chance with based on yelp reviews (he didn't like that but oh well) and when I went to see him it was his job to convince me why I should continue with him, at most he would charge me 18$ for the consultation (after insurance, my own, which sucks)

And he actually did a pretty thorough job--he identified the problems, the steps to go about it and which one works BEST with my insurance so I can maximize it without sacrificing my health or paying unnecessary

My only tiff about that is health care providers tend to tell you what they think is best for you based on your coverage which sometimes can works against you

He recommended me to a specialist for a bit more work, and I'm very happy with the recommend b/c he's not only with over a decade of experience, graduated from ucsf (uop is good too) but now teaches there as well

Now getting to your rant, I saw another specialist (for this same problem) but he told me he could take care of it but because of the way my teeth is in the back thanks to retainers..again under the recommendation from my dentist for an "overbite" which is about a mm if even that, is too close, so while he can do a temp fix, he wouldn't be doing me a service if he doesn't give me xyz which requires an oral surgeon,

For some reason, my dentist, that specialist, and the oral surgeon had to all take their own X-rays even though my dentist shared the X-rays he took..the oral surgeon used this 3d panorama type..and

So honestly at this point I ask myself, am I going to pick this bone? It eats into my dental insurance coverage yes, but at the same time it's towards the end of the year, I really need to do something about this, and I don't want to piss them off. I did ask if it's necessary

Apparently it is

All I have to say is that if they weren't worth the money, i would have walked out the door.

Also am thankful that I have zillions of choices, my dentist just knew me well enough after the first visit where we did nothing but talk (mostly me grilling him and letting him know my past experiences), that if I did not like him, I won't be returning

There's even a building downtown that's dedicated to medical and dental professionals, :) has 20+ flrs :)

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Postby cashback » Sun Dec 29, 2013 9:45 pm

So, Member, you're in IT and have all the problems in the world. Why don't you start your own blog as I have suggested in other posts. Might as well get paid for all your problems.
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Postby jumbo » Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:19 am

cashback wrote:So, Member, you're in IT and have all the problems in the world. Why don't you start your own blog as I have suggested in other posts. Might as well get paid for all your problems.

And I have agreed on the other posts as well.
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Postby PhoenixDown » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:56 pm

I have nothing but great things to say about the dentist I went to as a kid as the guy who took over his practice when he retired. Growing up we didn't have dental insurance and (the original) dentist always did alright by us. I have insurance now but a family member of mine does not and the (new dentist) has been very flexible on payment terms, etc.

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