Best Life Insurance If You're In Your 20's (2014)

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Postby otter » Tue Dec 17, 2013 9:06 pm

djrez4 wrote:If you can find a no-load fund with a low enough buy-in, maybe. Plenty of young people can't afford to drop $5,000 into a fund, but they can afford a couple hundred a month for a whole-life plan.

And invariably, the first few thousand spent in a "whole life" or "universal life" or whatever term insurance companies are using to sucker people in nowadays is spent on premiums. I played that game a long time ago. Try borrowing from your "cash value" after three years in one of those plans... won't even buy you lunch at a nice restaurant.

Mutual funds suck anyway... most stock mutual fund managers don't match the S&P. Your better off buying ETF's with a lot less fees and if you know what you're doing no commissions.
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