Professional advice for frustrating situation.. thanks guys!

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Professional advice for frustrating situation.. thanks guys!

Postby andy1088 » Tue Nov 05, 2013 7:22 pm

First let me give some back story, I've worked in my company now for 3.5 years and have had the same role with slight responsibility added a few times. I interviewed for what is called a "sales lead" position on October 4th. I've been in my current district for 3 months now and obviously in October it was 2 months. I interviewed and thought it went well as I was articulate and gave in my opinion fair and reasonable answers. I was delighted when later that afternoon the hiring manager emailed me in regards to a second interview. I emailed him back almost immediately and got no response, as it turns out he went on "PTO" the next week. I followed up with an email on around October 12th outlining my next week's schedule and telling him days and times I could interview. This again was met with no response. I followed up again around October 20th with my week's schedule once again reiterating that I would like my second interview I was promised. Unfortunately once again no response. Yesterday I got an automated email thanking me for applying and telling me i was not chosen.

How should I feel about this situation? I feel really slighted, frustrated and upset all at the same time. Is it not professional courtesy to contact an internal candidate back with some type of update? Especially after he had contacted me for a second interview the day of my first interview! Also it should be noted I work in the same district with this manager and we've crossed paths a few times and will again at district meetings. I hold no ill will, but feel like the situation will be quite tense for me at least. How can I go about getting feedback or a resolution without being confrontational? :confused: :confused:
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