End of my webhosting dilemma - Thanks God!

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End of my webhosting dilemma - Thanks God!

Postby sreeja » Tue Aug 27, 2013 6:56 am

Just want to share my experience with several webhosts when I hosted my website (images/videos) with them.

Initially, I bought a shared hosting account from Godaddy - Server is slow most of the time, when I contacted their technical support it took 48 hours for them to respond. - Totally sucks!

Then, moved the data to Site5 - Better than Godaddy in terms of technical support, but their servers are slow looks like they are overselling the resources. They also wanted me to change the hosting plan from thir regular servers.

Later, I contacted Onlinecares - Their sales were not so good and appears to be not interested in getting a new customer, also their prices are higher comparing to the other two. After a few email transactions, they suggested me to purchase their VPS hosting account. Just wanted to admit, their technical support staffs are great, they transferred all my data to the server for free of cost. Also, they did some changes (Nginx installation/optimization - sorry, I'm not a technical savvy) to the server and my website became super fast after that. I'm a happy customer of Onlinecares for the last 2 years and I recommend them to others.

My one dollar advise. - Never go with cheap/free webhosting services. If you pay nuts, you will get only monkeys!

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Postby Midori » Tue Aug 27, 2013 8:36 am

One of the things I found really helpful when I was shopping for a webhost back in the day was to go to the Webhostingtalk forum. It was cool to see the webhosts interact in their natural environment, and I was able to send my business to one I thought was small, but not oversold; knowledgeable and helpful with advice to others in the biz; fit my needs at a good price; etc, etc, etc . :o)

One bit of advice that I got early, early on and was very happy that I did... never, ever make your registrar and your webhost the same entity.

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Postby Jacksnow » Thu Aug 29, 2013 1:04 am

Dreamhost/Bluehost have been great for me also there's Hetzer.de if you want something a bit more involved.


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