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Postby Bksuper » Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:40 am

It is hard. I'm in a pretty good area (Silicon Valley), but I could never find part time work nearby where I live during high school, and I was willing to take minimum wage and whatever work demands, because that was at the worst of the economy and there were adults and college age people wanting the jobs. Luckily, during the summers I found work when I could do full time and commute further and was able to build my current investment portfolio. Now that I'm in University, I only have time for things that will advance my resume and ability to find a job in my field after school, but now I'm being picked over for internships in favor of people just wanting to move positions (engineering>marketing at the same company and already with a degree). I'm hoping I'll have more luck once I'm further along in school so that I'll have a prayer at getting the kind of job I want after, and for getting into a good graduate business program, which will require at least 2 internships by the time I apply.
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