MyFico TU Report thingy.

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MyFico TU Report thingy.

Postby Square Obsidian » Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:18 am

That's right, my title is totally original.

So today I decided to check my official Fico Scores, since I haven't really done that yet, except through the little report I received w/ my new CC.

I went to to check on my scores, and made the purchase. My TU had enough information to pull, but my Equifax did not. Even though I was still charged for both. Luckily, when I called to cancel the 10-day trial service, the say the EQ did not go through and refunded that as well. Only had to wait around 6 mins or so to get someone online, so not too bad.

TU Results:

Your TransUnion FICO® score:
On February 22, 2013
Your TransUnion FICO® score is great

FICO® score ingredients How you rate

Payment history
Your history of paying bills on time.


Amount of debt
Your total amount of outstanding debt.


Length of credit history
How long you've had credit.


Amount of new credit
Amount of credit you've recently obtained or applied for.


Obviously I don't have much history, but I'll get there. Moving in the right direction so far. 763 isn't so bad. :ppp
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