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Postby TopperLA » Thu Jan 10, 2013 1:42 pm


I'm going to get some money from selling some assets let's say $50-80k$.
I have a checking/saving at WF but, as expected, it doesn't pay anything in terms of APY. I've been with WF and never changed because of laziness but I'm willing to change checking too if it helps.
I'm looking for a saving account or MMA (cannot get something locked like CD for immigration reasons). Saving rates are supposed to be higher than MMA but right now (early 2013), they are the same.
I've been looking, comparing, etc... So far here's what I've found
- ING Direct is becoming CapitalOne, don't go there
- AMEX savings is ok, I had good service with their credit cards so far so why not. I just heard they bank like 1973...
- Ally is offering the best rates, flexibility and services. I also hard it's GM and customer service sucks
- CITBank offers 1% for 25k+ which is my case, just heard they are lacking services
- Everbank offers 1.25 6 months then 0.76, total 1.01% for a year. Cool but opening an account ifs just too damn hard and they pull your credit...

What would you guys do? I almost never get money from my savings and put some money in there every months like 1k$.

Also I'm considering switching my WF accounts to Chase so that can help for their credit cards. I heard that staying with WF could also be a good idea because they offer good mortgages and auto loans for later.

Thanks for your help

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