Anyone offer to pay the tab at the table?

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Postby 432521 » Fri Sep 14, 2012 3:46 am

I usually am the one that uses my credit card to pay the bill when i go to eat with my friends, but it is usually only 70-90 bucks and they just hand me the cash. Not at the stage in our lives yet where we can afford to go to places that charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars per plate....

also the point about lending money to friends, I have never loaned a friend more than 20 bucks never. It seems harsh but I feel that if you don't have the money why do you think I am going to give you mine? I never do the whole "ohh can you pay this for me and i'll pay you back in a week"... yea I have seen friendships fall apart in days over dumb crap and I just don't like mixing money and relationships together to complicated.
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