Mall gift cards.

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Mall gift cards.

Postby Money card » Mon Feb 13, 2012 11:45 pm

Do you people think malls should have 2 gift cards or 1?

Before May 2010 American Express had 2 gift cards. 1 was be the everywhere card and 1 was the Mall card. Would you people like to see them bring this back?

I would. Today I went to my mall and talked to a few people in stores about this they said it's a great idea. I also discussed this with the concierge, my idea would be for example let's say somebody wants to buy an American express gold gift card they could add a service fee, if somebody wants to pay by using either cash or american express it would be about 4.95 in fees. if they used a different form of payment they could charge 6.95 in fees.

Now for the mall gift card that you can only use in that particular mall, if somebody paid by using cash or American express there would be no fee otherwise a 2.00 fee.

I discussed this with the concierge and some other people they said it's a great idea but the concierge said American express needs money, if they didn't charge a fee they wouldn't be making any money, it's all about money he said.

What I would do is if I ran the mall I would contact Discover and have them send me a ton of gift cards. The everywhere card would be red white and blue I would put a 4.95 fee on top of what they want to purchase. if they pay cash or Discover. if they pay with a different card then there would be a 6.95 fee.
the mall card would be free if paid by cash or Discover otherwise a 2.00 fee.

What does everybody think?

Some stores have 2 cards like Nordstroms, Macys, Walmart has 3 but 2 different companies, gap has 2, Brooks brothers has 2. Why can't the malls have 2 cards the everywhere card like the Nordstroms visa and the mall card like the Nordstroms charge card?

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